Elise Ferree
Professorial Lecturer
Lab Lecturer of Biology
Email: eferree@kecksci.claremont.edu
Office: Keck Science Center 4A
Phone: 909-607-8277
Office Hours:
Web Site: http://faculty.jsd.claremont.edu/eferree/Welcome.html
Educational Background:
B.Sc. College of William and Mary

M.S. Wake Forest University

Ph.D. University of California Santa Cruz

Postdoc. Cornell University

Courses Taught:

Animal Behavior

Introductory Biology Bio 43 Lab

Introductory Biology Bio 44 Lecture and Lab

Concepts in Biology, for Non-majors

Research Interests:
Animal Behavior


Thesis Topics:
Animal behavior in birds, particularly how living in urban areas affects behavior, survival and breeding success. Also interspecific interactions between black phoebes and house finches. Additional research opportunities in Costa Rica, studying behavioral ecology in golden orb web spiders.
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