Lauren M Chan
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Office: Center Court E1
Phone: 909-607-8257
Office Hours: Mon 10-11:30 AM & Thur 9-11 AM, and by appointment
Web Site:
Educational Background:
Postdoc: Duke University
Postdoc: Brigham Young University
PhD: Cornell University
BA: University of California, Berkeley
Courses Taught:
BIOL139, Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology,Fall 2014
BIOL165, Advanced Topics in Environmental Biology, Fall 2014
BIOL44L, Introductory Biology, Spring 2014 & Spring 2015
Research Interests:
Evolutionary biology, molecular ecology, vertebrate ecology (especially amphibians and reptiles), conservation, conservation genetics.
Selected Publications List: Click to open new window.
1.   *Shi, J.J., L.M. Chan, A. Peel, *R. Lai, A.D. Yoder, and S.M. Goodman . (2014). A deep divergence time between sister species of Eidolon (Pteropodidae) with evidence for widespread panmixia. Acta Chiropterologica   In press: .
2.   Yoder, AD, LM Chan, M dos Reis, PA Larsen, CR Campbell, R Rasolarison, M. Barrett, C. Roos, P Kappeler, JP Bielawski, and Z Yang . (2014). Molecular evolutionary characterization of a V1R subfamily unique to strepsirrhine primates. Genome Biology and Evolution   6: 213-227. Article
3.   Jenkins, R.K.B., et al . (2014). Extinction risks and the conservation of Madagascar’s reptiles. PLoS ONE   9: e100173. Article
4.   *Shi, JJ, LM Chan, **Z Rakotomalala, **AM Heilman, SM Goodman, and AD Yoder . (2013). Latitude drives diversification in Madagascar's endemic dry forest rodent Eliurus myoxinus (subfamily Nesomyinae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society   110: 500-517.
5.   Chan, LM, JW Archie, AD Yoder, and LA Fitzgerald . (2013). Review of the systematic status of Sceloporus arenicolus Degenhardt and Jones 1972 with an estimate of divergence time. Zootaxa   3664: 312-320.
6.   Johnson, LA, LM Chan, R Pozner, and LD Glazier . (2012). Allotetraploids in Patagonia with affinities to western North American diploids: did dispersal or genome doubling occur first?. Botanical Review   78: 288-306.
7.   Weisrock, DW, SD Smith, LM Chan, K Biebouw, PM Kappeler, and AD Yoder . (2012). Concatenation and concordance in the reconstruction of Mouse Lemur phylogeny: an empirical demonstration of the effect of allele sampling in phylogenetics. Molecular Biology and Evolution   29: 1615-1630.
8.   Chan, LM, *D Choi, AP Raselimanana, HA Rakotondravony, and AD Yoder . (2012). Defining spatial and temporal patterns of phylogeographic structure in Madagascar's iguanid lizards (genus Oplurus). Molecular Ecology   21: 3839-3851.
9.   Johnson, LA, LM Chan, K Burr, and D Hendrickson . (2012). Navarretia furnissii (Polemoniaceae), a new diploid species from the intermountain western United States distinguished from tetraploid Navarretia saximontana. Phytotaxa   42: 51-61.
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12.   Chan, LM, SM Goodman, **MD Nowak, DW Weisrock, and AD Yoder . (2011). Increased population sampling confirms low genetic divergence among Pteropus (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae) fruit bats of Madagascar and other western Indian Ocean islands. PLoS Currents: Tree of Life   3: RRN1226. Article
13.   Vredenburg, VT, JM Romansic, LM Chan, and T Tunstall . (2010). Does UV-B radiation affect embryos of three high elevation amphibian species in California?. Copeia   2010: 502-512.
14.   Goodman, SM, LM Chan, **MD Nowak, and AD Yoder . (2010). Phylogeny and biogeography of western Indian Ocean Rousettus (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae). Journal of Mammalogy   91: 593-606.